This is really happening!

Today we said our goodbyes to the kids and dog, and we’re on our way.  Behind these smiles we are nervous and a little scared, Not gonna lie!  

Yesterday we had the best day celebrating  Tim’s birthday and I was so happy that we were prepared and packed enough that we could spend the day having fun on the boat, eating pizza, doing cake and presents!  

Over wine last night reality starting sinking in and we began going over the litany of things that could go wrong in our travels – from lost bags to baggage weight limits to forgotten items, flight connections, the Nairobi airport, bugs, we’re going to Africa dude!? on and on.  Then onto the trek and how it’s been years since either of us has even been camping or slept in a tent and my favorite form was car camping where you can bring anything you need for comfort outdoors. This is so nothing like that!  Then it was onto worrying about the kids and packing 3 of them for 4 camps, and then to how sad our dog is going to be when we leave!!!  (She even LOOKS sad!)

Nonetheless living is about going outside the comfort zone and I assure you we are there.  

This morning we zipped up the bags and somehow everything fit. 

So here we are and ready or not…. We’re off!

We saved airline miles for 2 years and are sitting in the upper deck of BA 747.  

A toast to our trip of a lifetime!

6 thoughts on “This is really happening!

  1. I couldn’t be happier for both of you! You are real adventures and yes, it will be the trip of lifetime! Remember to put your trust in the Lord every step of the way and all will be well. Love you both! Have a blast!


  2. Have an awesome time on your trip and I deserve some credit for the pictures I took 😊 So far being with Grandma is great and I am having a good time and I can’t wait for you to complete your hike up Kilimanjaro.

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