Trip Journal – Kilimanjaro Day 2

Trip Journal – Kilimanjaro Day 2 – Thursday June 16, 2016 – Machame Camp (9,301 ft) to Shira Hut (12,602 ft)

Leaving camp we came out of the forest into the Moorlands and now had steep rocky terrain most of the day. We set off at 8:15 with Frank while Amos stayed back with the porters, getting our camp area cleaned up and packed up. It was very scenic and we caught our first sights of Kilimanjaro.  We hiked up ridges and had views of mountains and valleys.  I was reminded why I chose the Machame route – it is said to be one of the most scenic.  It was really enjoyable and so different from day 1.  One by one the porters passed us by carrying their own packs (with their gear for the week) plus our bags, tents, food and all supplies for our camp.  They are incredibly strong, each carrying around 44 lbs on their head or back, moving over the rocks with ease. They always pass us with a cheery greeting – “Jambo!”


We arrived at Shira Hut around 12:30.  Camp is on an open plateau and tents were much more spread out here than at Machame Hut. Amos estimated there are roughly 48 climbers with us at this point based on the sign in register. Including guides, porters and cooks we’d estimate  probably under 300 people at this camp. Seems a high number but it doesn’t feel crowded at all.


After a nap we took a short hike which Tim figured out was our guides testing how we are tolerating the altitude.

When we got back we did intros with the porters – we are working on remembering all their names as we don’t see them very much!  Eli (“Elly” / Elijah) is Amos’ youngest brother who is on break from college where he’s studying IT. Eli brings us our food and he calls me ‘Mama’. It is very sweet! Our cook is Bonifas- and we are amazed with what he whips up here on the mountain. More on food later.  Jiwe (means “Stone”) carries the toilet and he is the one in the picture showing his muscles.  We are grateful for him!  Gideon, Joshua, Nelson, Saravino (about all the names I can recall at this point!)- we are blessed by all of these young men working so hard for our trek.


One thought on “Trip Journal – Kilimanjaro Day 2

  1. I’m so pleased that you were so well taken care of. As a mother, it makes me feel that you were very safe at all times. 🙂


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