Grand Canyon Rafting Trip: Day 3

Mile 52 – 94

We packed up and got ready for another day. Our guides announced this was going to be a big whitewater day. Hooray!

At mile 60 we were at the confluence of the Little Colorado River. There had been so much rain upstream that the Little Colorado River was very brown. When Zach said that the river would be brown from here on out, I didn’t believe him at first! What a contrast! In this section we floated through some narrow gorges which made for awesome scenery.

We stopped for a hike where we saw some petroglyphs and while we were there, we saw 5 bighorn sheep. We headed out because we were on their trail down to the water.

More sleeping!

We pulled into camp for lunch, which they called a “lunchover”, where we would stay and camp overnight. It was nice to relax off the river for a while. We set up camp, played some Uno, and some of the kids did a hike. The kids camped separate from Tim and I, and Katie and Ryan had a little visitor in their campsite – a California King Snake!

View of our camp from the hike

Now that we were on our 3rd day, we were settling in. We set up camp fairly easily. We decided to bathe in the river, even though the water was brown. It was so hot that the cool water felt refreshing! We enjoyed steak stir fry for dinner and it was delicious. Nathan got called out for loading up on steak and rice, leaving all the veggies. We had a lot of family conversation by the river, talking about life, plans and dreams. And we had a lot of laughs. The kids shared they were grateful to be there, and for our family. The whole thing was so heartwarming to me. The total disconnect from phones and distractions was pretty amazing. We so enjoyed ourselves and each other, and really took it all in.

That night Tim and I decided we’d sleep outside. It was so hot out and the tent was a sweat box. It started out great. Looking up at the sky was pretty awesome. I saw bats flying overhead which was pretty wild! Soon I was watching a pretty cool lightning show. Eventually I fell asleep but before long the raindrops came and so we got up and got our cots inside the tent!

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