Grand Canyon Rafting Trip: Day 7

Today we head home! Up for our final breakfast and goodbyes to our new friends. Spend a week in the canyon with people and you have a bond, and friends for life. We could not have asked for a better group to share this adventure with. Everyone was so warm, welcoming, and fun! To the Buchers, PK, Mike and Jon (the Aussies), The Ragin’ Floaters, and our adopted family member, Charmaine – it was an absolute blast meeting you all, thank you for making this the trip of a lifetime! To our incredible guides – Brie, Zach, Marcus and Kelly – you took amazing care of us from our safety to the food. Your knowledge of the canyon is immense! Thank you for sharing this incredible place with us. You have all left a mark on our lives.

Brie, Kelly, Marcus and Zach said their final goodbyes. Brie awarded us each a “River Rat” pin, given to this river rafters who have gone over Lava Falls. We took a very short ride over to where we were greeted by the helicopter that would take us out of the canyon.

On our way in, we watched a helicopter take off and head out of the canyon. We would be on the next one.

The helicopters held six people and we were the first group. I was able to sit up front and get this fantastic view while we lifted up out of the canyon, and flew to Bar 10 Ranch.

Once we arrived at Bar 10 Ranch, a VERY quaint ranch out in a remote part of the canyon, we were able to take a VERY quick shower while we waited for our flight back to Boulder City. I was able to get some shampoo and conditioner from the store and took an AMAZING shower! Having camped for a week, I was… well…. dirty! Hopped our flight back to Boulder City, then a shuttle ride back to McCarren Airport, and our final flight home.

What an adventure we had. I’m grateful for this experience that took us all out of our comfort zone, where we learned, grew, and truly took in the wonder that is the Grand Canyon. My heart is full of love for my crew. Thank you for this experience of a lifetime.

Celebratory drinks!

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