Grand Canyon Rafting Trip: Planning and Preparation

Two years ago I got the idea to go rafting in the Grand Canyon when I saw a friend’s post on Facebook. Soon after, I had one of my “I have an idea” conversations with Tim and suggested we go. I usually save these “ideas” for a Friday night over a bottle of wine 🙂Continue reading “Grand Canyon Rafting Trip: Planning and Preparation”

Grand Canyon Rafting Trip: Day 1

Henderson, NV to Boulder City, NV to Marble Canyon, AZ, to Lees Ferry Mile 0 – 25-ish We packed up and met in the hotel lobby at 4:30 am. As a family we breathed a sigh of relief that we officially made it to the trip healthy and ready to go. We were to beContinue reading “Grand Canyon Rafting Trip: Day 1”

Grand Canyon Rafting Trip: Day 2

Mile 25-ish to 52 Cooooooffffffeeeeee! This is the rafting trip wake up call. I didn’t have a watch and didn’t know until the trip was almost over that we were waking up around 5:30 a.m. The sun was just coming up and it was time to pack up our gear, get breakfast and get backContinue reading “Grand Canyon Rafting Trip: Day 2”

Grand Canyon Rafting Trip: Day 3

Mile 52 – 94 We packed up and got ready for another day. Our guides announced this was going to be a big whitewater day. Hooray! At mile 60 we were at the confluence of the Little Colorado River. There had been so much rain upstream that the Little Colorado River was very brown. WhenContinue reading “Grand Canyon Rafting Trip: Day 3”

Grand Canyon Rafting Trip: Day 4

Mile 94 – 118 It’s my birthday, and oh what a day! Major rapids, hikes, waterfalls, cards and cake. What more could a girl want? Traveling on the river with our group is pretty awesome. Each time we are on and off the raft, the guides call a “fire line”. We line up to loadContinue reading “Grand Canyon Rafting Trip: Day 4”

Grand Canyon Rafting Trip: Day 5

Mile 118 – 137 Woke up to a beautiful morning. Today we had omelettes for breakfast. I’m telling you, the food here is way beyond what you’d expect out camping! And to consider they’re cooking for 29 people, food for 7+ days (including a short trip they picked up right after us), and managing toContinue reading “Grand Canyon Rafting Trip: Day 5”

Grand Canyon Rafting Trip: Day 6

Mile 137 to 186 It was awesome to wake up outside and enjoy the sunrise. Tim and I started the day up front again and enjoyed some fun morning rapids. Then we stopped to do a hike at Havasu Creek. This stop required us to park the rafts in the middle of a rapid whichContinue reading “Grand Canyon Rafting Trip: Day 6”

Grand Canyon Rafting Trip: Day 7

Today we head home! Up for our final breakfast and goodbyes to our new friends. Spend a week in the canyon with people and you have a bond, and friends for life. We could not have asked for a better group to share this adventure with. Everyone was so warm, welcoming, and fun! To theContinue reading “Grand Canyon Rafting Trip: Day 7”

Race Timing & Results – An Interview with my Dad

As we’re rolling up on Father’s Day, a tribute to my Dad. I’m grateful to have and relive these memories, and grateful that you got us into sports. Sports have always been a part of our family life. And for my dad, for over 10 years sports were a part of his professional life. WhileContinue reading “Race Timing & Results – An Interview with my Dad”

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Mom, Entrepreneur, Cancer Survivor, 14x Boston Marathoner Featured Runner: Lisa Maciel

For the first runner profile on my blog, it was a no-brainer for me to interview my first running coach and dear friend, Lisa Maciel.  Lisa is a wife, mom, marathoner, entrepreneur, cancer survivor and all around amazing person that you just feel lucky to know.  Lisa has a heart for people and as aContinue reading “Mom, Entrepreneur, Cancer Survivor, 14x Boston Marathoner Featured Runner: Lisa Maciel”

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