Staying Motivated to Run in Winter

It’s winter. And for those of us in the midwest or colder climates, it’s dark, snowy, icy, cold, windy, cloudy, sometimes all at once! Sometimes the thought of heading out into the cold or howling wind can make staying inside your warm cozy bed seem like the much better option than getting out for aContinue reading “Staying Motivated to Run in Winter”

Goal setting and 2022 running goals

Are you a goal-setter, go-with-the-flow-er, or something in between? With so much social media about goals loading up on December 31, Jan 1, Jan 2 (especially in the running community when so much of what we do is chase goals), it’s easy to feel like you’re behind. It’s ok, it’s not too late, the yearContinue reading “Goal setting and 2022 running goals”

Welcome to Run | Rise | Shine – The Blog!

Hello and thanks for stopping by! I’m Nicki – married to Tim, mom/stepmom/dog mom, runner, marathoner, running coach. Lover of downhill skiing, water sports, documentaries, country music, family dinners, sunsets, active wear, big goals, adventures. Second-time blogger – check out my first blog about our trek to the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro. Here you’ll readContinue reading “Welcome to Run | Rise | Shine – The Blog!”

Trip Journal – Kilimanjaro Day 7

Trip Journal – Kilimanjaro Day 7 – Tuesday, June 21, 2016 – Summit Mweka Camp (10,170 ft) to Mweka Gate (5,420 ft) I woke up feeling like a new person. We had our final ‘wash’ in the water bowls and suited up for our final trek to the gate. After breakfast we had our ceremony with theContinue reading “Trip Journal – Kilimanjaro Day 7”

Trip Journal -Kilimanjaro Day 6 – The Descent

Trip Journal – Kilimanjaro Day 6 – Monday, June 20, 2016 – Summit (19,341 ft) to Barafu Camp (15,091 ft) to Mweka Camp (10,170 ft) Up at the summit, we spent about 20 minutes taking pictures and looking in awe at the sunrise and spectacular scenery. I had never seen sights so beautiful and was elatedContinue reading “Trip Journal -Kilimanjaro Day 6 – The Descent”

Trip Journal – Kilimanjaro Day 6 – Summit Ascent

Day 6 -Monday,  June 20, 2016 – Barafu Hut Base camp (15,091 ft) to Summit (19,341 ft) We made it to the SUMMIT! I made sure to blog about our summit ascent immediately upon our return from the mountain.  You can read about it here:

Trip Journal – Kilimanjaro Day 5

Trip Journal – Kilimanjaro Day 5 – Sunday June 19, 2016 – Karanga Valley (13,852 ft) to Barafu Hut / ‘Base Camp’ (15,091 ft) Last nights sleep was fitful – we are camped on a slope so it was a night long routine of sliding down and scooting up.  Tim described walking around the camp as a funContinue reading “Trip Journal – Kilimanjaro Day 5”