Trip Journal – Kilimanjaro Day 4

Trip Journal – Kilimanjaro Day 4 – Saturday June 18, 2016 – Barranco Hut (13,061 ft) to Karanga Valley (13,852 ft) Each morning the guides would greet us with lots of enthusiasm!  “How’d you sleep? ” To which we’d reply – Good!  (Which truthfully was more like – sleep an hour at a time then wake, reposition,Continue reading “Trip Journal – Kilimanjaro Day 4”

Trip Journal – Kilimanjaro Day 3

Trip Journal – Kilimanjaro Day 3 – Friday June 17, 2016 – Shira Hut (12,602 ft) to Lava Tower (15,236 ft) to Barranco Hut (13,061 ft) Windy!! There were high winds across the plateau in the night and temps were cold. So far we are happy with our gear and apart from Nicki’s cold toes we are warm,Continue reading “Trip Journal – Kilimanjaro Day 3”

Trip Journal – Kilimanjaro Day 1

Trip Journal – Kilimanjaro Day 1 – June 15, 2016 – Machame Gate (5,380 ft) to Machame Camp (9,301 ft) Welcome to the Jungle! Today we started our trek. We met our guide Amos (Ah-mos), and boarded a large van with 6 porters in addition to Amos and the driver.  We set off on a 2Continue reading “Trip Journal – Kilimanjaro Day 1”

Why do people climb mountains?

    The reactions I have gotten when I tell people we are climbing Kilimanjaro, have been everything from “Wow!”  to “Why would you do that?”. Although I grew up close to the beach in Southern California, I have always been someone who is more mountains than beach.  As a kid I enjoyed the lifeContinue reading “Why do people climb mountains?”

Packing and Preparation

Packing On a good day, packing for any trip is a stressful task for this serial over-packer-always-plan-for-the-what-if’s-I-like-to-have-choices, traveler.  Now, our trip to Tanzania brings some added twists including a strict 33 lb weight limit for our trekking bag.  This is it, folks.  This includes sleeping bag, snack food, toiletries, clothing for a 5 climate zones, firstContinue reading “Packing and Preparation”