Why do people climb mountains?

    The reactions I have gotten when I tell people we are climbing Kilimanjaro, have been everything from “Wow!”  to “Why would you do that?”. Although I grew up close to the beach in Southern California, I have always been someone who is more mountains than beach.  As a kid I enjoyed the lifeContinue reading “Why do people climb mountains?”

Packing and Preparation

Packing On a good day, packing for any trip is a stressful task for this serial over-packer-always-plan-for-the-what-if’s-I-like-to-have-choices, traveler.  Now, our trip to Tanzania brings some added twists including a strict 33 lb weight limit for our trekking bag.  This is it, folks.  This includes sleeping bag, snack food, toiletries, clothing for a 5 climate zones, firstContinue reading “Packing and Preparation”