Packing and Preparation


On a good day, packing for any trip is a stressful task for this serial over-packer-always-plan-for-the-what-if’s-I-like-to-have-choices, traveler.  Now, our trip to Tanzania brings some added twists including a strict 33 lb weight limit for our trekking bag.  This is it, folks.  This includes sleeping bag, snack food, toiletries, clothing for a 5 climate zones, first aid, anything and everything that I will not be carrying myself (the porters carry this bag).  This is the girl who has max’d the 50lb weight limit for a long weekend trip…  Anyway, turning over a new leaf and packing for a trip where the plan is to wear every single thing multiple times and potentially all of it at once, when we get higher up that mountain.  I can adapt.  The plusses are that there no need for lots of shoes or hairdryers.

So, the lists, decisions (down parka or ski coat?  one roll of TP or 2?) and endless details in preparation for this trip have been overwhelming, in addition to setting up plans and care for the 4 kids while we are gone.  Nonetheless, Tim and I are all about lists and to-do’s and day by day we are on it, and (almost) ready!

There are two main things I have been concerned about – being cold, and the whole toilet situation.  On the ‘being cold’ front, I’m feeling good about choices for gloves, hand/toe warmers, sleeping bags (which yes, zip together!), sleeping bag liners, warm clothing and hats.  The toilet situation most likely warrants (or not!) a whole post on it’s own.



There are other preparation items such as vaccines and medications.  Vaccinations was 2 hour rundown with the nurses on all the possible ways we could be poisoned and die, going to Tanzania.  It was something.  In the end, we got shots for Hepatitis A, Yellow Fever and Typhoid, and will take medication for Malaria while we are there, in addition to Diamox which is a preventative medication for altitude sickness.  In addition to this there are the necessary over the counter items for headaches and stomach issues.  The optimist in me plans to have none of these issues but if we do, we’ll be prepared.



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